Points for Prayer:

That God would save many people at this time when the shortness of life is so clear to so many.

For the protection of vulnerable people, and those working in essential services.

Especially pray for the protection of those working in the NHS.

Ask for our Prime Minister Boris Johnston, that God would use his illness to bring him to repentance,     

and faith in Jesus Christ, and heal him physically as well.

A closer walk with God for all Christians especially at this time,

when we are unable to meet and have fellowship together.

We especially remember Finally and Celia who are unable to meet with us online.

Ask that God would continue to bless us and use us for His glory in these challenging times.

Please pray that the Northern Ireland Assembly will be able to overthrow the horrific new abortion

laws that have come into law here.

Pray that illegal abortions will be stopped and those assisting with them will be stopped and prosecuted.

Ask our Lord God to provide us with a pastor.

Pray that we would see God's hand at work in the people of our

community, as He builds His kingdom.